Namutilda studies Seoul, the Korean landscape, geography and environment and how twelve million people, infrastructure and the landscape interact. Our aim is to document and record as much as we can with video, digital photography and sketches of the landscape during our tenure here, in Korea. Using this documentation process we then seek to analyze and make any inferences and conclusions that could influence design decision making, inspriation and understanding for when we return back to the United States.
Namutilda also designs Seoul inspired tchotchkes and other daily usables such as tote bags and socks. Using Seoul and Korea as a muse we make affordable and durable products for daily use. Using Seoul as our testing ground all products are put through the rigerous treatment of the fast paced life in Seoul and the extremes of the Korean climate from a frosty winter to the drenching summer rainy season. This tchotchkes also serves as an interpretation medium for the various projects by Namutilda.
The goal of Namutilda is to examine aspects of the urban and natural infrastructure in Seoul and think about new possibilities for improving and integrating the city into a more ecological and habitable place. We seek to make Korea a better place for everyone who lives and visits. Namutilda is also engaged in environmental advocacy and is always campaigning on behalf of the environment. Thank you for visiting Namutilda and we hope you find something interesting and would like to contribute to our project.
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