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Namutilda is 제라드 and 제라나. Both have backgrounds in landscape as well as other fields and our combined interests range from tchotchkes to ecology to film and even finance. We both share a strong passion for the environment and ethical environmental stewardship forms the foundation of our work. Namutilda also works on occasion with other persons who help Namutilda achieve its current objectives. These people have ranged from electrical engineers to fashion designers. Namutilda is always looking for great people.
제라드 began studying chemistry and microbiology in Canada until in his last year he was pulled away to design after taking one class in planning and architecture. After that he studied urban design before going on to pursue a master of landscape architecture, which he is currently working on while in Korea. In the future 제라드 intends to pursue further research in environmental geography and landscape. 제라드 also has an interest in film and landscape and Hong-Kong and Israeli new wave films as a source of inspiration.
제라나 studied environmental design in Seoul and then worked for the city of Seoul in an environmental management agency. After that she then went on to work for Seoul Design 2010 as a design foreign correspondent, studying and reporting on the various urban issues and infrastructures of Canada and the United States. Traveling from Halifax all the way to the Midwestern United States, she was able to report on cities such as St. John, Montreal, Columbus, Cleveland, New York, Chicago and Des Moines and even Detroit. 제라나 loves all things tchotchkes.