1. s
  2. c
  3. r
  4. o
  5. l
  6. l
  7. d
  8. o
  9. w
  10. n
  11. v
  12. v
  13. v

  1. NAMUTILDA does not like you...Actually, these days we really dont like you.
  2. Beceause you probably like things easy. You probably dont think. You probably love cat tar 'E' money to do the thinking. That is easy.
  3. Things easy kill you,
  4. They kill me...
  5. They kill us.
  6. Get back in ur SUV, go to starbucks, buy some shite made by forced labour in a totalitarian state...listen to your gospel while you bite the bytes and dance for your masters.
  7. Go drive around, go signal, go be a part of something - even if that something is as vapid as you are.
  8. It's easier than walking. It's easier than thinking. Can you still do both at the same time?
  9. Go order on-line and wait for the gigger to bring you avoidable diseases.
  10. Go be you. You do you. It's all your personal truth. And note, We don't like you